Posted on 29-11-2015
Filed Under (News) by Paul Anthony Rivers

Free money for college does not EXIST.  So many parents with college-bound students are fooled every year believing that college costs can be paid with free money.  That’s a lie.  First, let’s define the word money.  Money  means a medium of EXCHANGE, trade or barter.  The word free is not mentioned in the definition.  You have to DO something to RECEIVE Something.  That’s money.  Having said that, there are only three ways to get traditional cash for college.  They are  through an Athletic Scholarship, Academic Scholarship or Aquired Specialized knowledge.  They ALL cost.  They are not FREE.  For example, to win an athletic scholarship  a student athlete have to work hard developing their skills for many years, go to paid training camps, paid academic training and be on a winning High School team.  It ‘s Not FREE.  To win an academic scholarship, a student will have to put in countless hours studying, do paid SAT or ACT training, do extra curricula activities and be in the top ten of his or her class.  It’s Not FREE.  To maximized on finacial aid,  you have to acquire specialized knowledge by investing in  financial aid workshops, professional guidance, financial aid books and materials.  It’s Not FREE.   Knowing these things will give you leverage it maximizing on financial aid opportunities you don’t have to back to cover college costs.  There are BILLIONS of dollars available if you are willing to HUSTLE!  Remember, you have to Do something to RECIVE something.  That’s  MONEY.

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