This is what parents, students, and adults returning back to school (students 25 years of age and older) are saying about our comprehensive COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID PLANNING SERVICE. These students testimonials were selected based on the difficulty of their circumstances and the challenges faced to get them funding. We appreciate the many letters sent supporting and thanking us for our service(s). However, we wanted to present the more complex cases. These cases took more effort to produce results. Take a look at some of their award letters, which show the amount of funding we help to obtain.


Recent Testimonials

Hello my name is Krystal Shaw from Westchester County New York. I will be a sophomore attending Fairfield University in 2019-2020 school year.
I would like to thank Mr. Rivers and Sources for Students for helping me complete the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. With their help and guidance, I am able to sustain my $20,000 Merit scholarship from Fairfield University each year. If you need any guidance with the financial aid process, I highly recommend his service.

Krystal Shaw

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Hi my name D’andra Brady from Virginia and I am junior attending at George Mason University for the 2018-2019 school year.
Mr. Rivers helped me earn extra money for my tuition. I was able to get an EXTRA $3,000 as a transfer student. He was really helpful.
I would like to thank Mr. Rivers for his helpful advice with the financial aid process.

D’andra Brady

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Dear Paul Anthony Rivers,

Thank you so much for all of the AMAZING help during my financial aid process. Without your guidance I literally would have not known what to do to get the maximum amount of financial aid to pay for college. I received full federal Pell Grant ( $5,815), full New York State TAP ($5,165) and S.U.N.Y. Tuition Credit ($1430) for the 2016-2017 school year. With your assistance, attending college became possible. Thank You so much.

Bobbi Battle

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Hi my name is Natasha Benjamin-Fogle and my son Anthony Fogle will be attending Mercy College due to the help from Paul Anthony Rivers.
Like most parents, I didn’t know anything about financial aid the FAFSA, so my friend recommended Sources for Students, LLC to help me.
So I gave them a call and it was one of the best calls I made in my life. Paul was there from the beginning to the end helping us with all the paperwork.
Paul handled all of the difficulties in the process and answered all of my questions precisely. If you need any help with the financial aid process like I did, I recommend Paul Anthony Rivers and Sources for Students, LLC.

Ms. Benjamin-Fogle

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Paul Anthony Rivers and Sources for Students, LLC are PHENOMENAL. Not only is Paul worth far more than the nominal fee he charges but you get YOUR MONEY BACK if he is unable to help you.

Before I even paid him, he was already helping me and I could tell from the beginning that this was something he was passionate about and not just his job. I never had to wait a full day to hear back from Paul and he never handed me off to anyone one else. It was Paul all the time.

Not only did I get help overcoming my issue with Selective Services and becoming eligible for financial aid but I also got help in requesting additional funds.

His experience in financial aid kept me from having to give up my dream of attending college. I went from California to Washington D.C. and Paul is one of the first I have to thank for making it possible.

Paul wants to help and does everything to make himself available. Anyone who may have doubts about Sources for Students, LLC online services, feel free to ask Paul to put me in touch with you. Paul has helped me tremendously and if there is anything I can do to help you, count me in.

Matthew Brock

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Hi my name is Taylor Carter and I am currently attending Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York. As a student from a middle-class family living in Westchester County, New York, I didn’t believe I would qualify for financial aid. I did not know how would I be able to afford college. After contacting Paul Anthony Rivers from Sources for Students, LLC, he guided me in completing my FAFSA application. Upon receiving my award letter, I qualify for federal grants, state grants and three thousand dollars in college work-study!

I was surprised and thankful for Mr. Rivers’s patience and counseling in the financial aid process. If any new students attending college or current college students need help in figuring out how to pay for college, I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Rivers and Sources for Students, LLC.

Taylor Carter

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To: Sources for Students, LLC (Mr. Paul Anthony Rivers)

I want to thank you for your EXCELLENT service I received.
For three years we applied for financial aid for my daughter Briana Rogers and was unable to receive it. Mr. Rivers did my taxes which resulted in a large refund (over $20,000 in non-traditional college funding), which helped me pay on the tuition. In addition, this time when we applied for financial aid and completed the FAFSA, we qualify for the Pell grant due to Mr.Rivers tax strategies.

My daughter and I are proud to have you a part of our team. We look forward to working with you in the future. We have been spreading the word about your wonderful service. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Vanessa Rogers

[Award Letter, Federal and State Taxes]

Dear Paul Anthony Rivers,

You have no idea how much of a relief it has been to work with you and your company. It all started with me having and OUTSTANDING bill of $31,000. I was shocked and concern. Amazingly with your help we received $28,000 in financial aid after you put in countless hours with the FAFSA. To top that, you were convinced that we could get more FREE MONEY. After reviewing the first award letter you strategized with the college by getting us an additional $2,800. I can’t imagine anyone completing the financial aid process and getting maximum results without professional help. Mr. Rivers is a wizard. This was a GOD sent miracle! We are looking forward to working with Mr. Rivers until my son graduates.

If anyone needs the guidance and special attention to get the most free resources as possible, I recommend Sources for Students, LLC. They guarantee their service.

Shante Edgehill

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My name is Derricka Saunders, I was referred to Mr. Paul Anthony Rivers by a close friend.  The first time I spoke to Paul, he was there for me from day one.  I explained to Paul how I was not able to get any financial aid for my daughter’s first year of college.  I had to pay most of her tuition myself and if I couldn’t get any help for her second year, she would not be able to attend.  Paul told me not to worry and he was going to do all that he could to help us.  He guided me through the process step by step.  He answered every phone call and provided SOLUTIONS to my questions no matter how big or small.  He gave 100%.

First Paul advised me to start a small business, which helped me with a bigger tax break.  He then prepared my taxes for me and completed the financial aid form (FAFSA) and TAP (State Aid) package for me, which was a life saver in itself.  With the refund I received from the federal taxes, I was able to take that money and pay my daughter’s tuition.  Once the FAFSA form was completed and approved, my daughter received $6,511 of FREE financial aid.  Now, that may not seem like a lot to some, but it meant the world to my daughter and me.  My daughter soon departs for her second year of college and I owe this all to Paul and his AMAZING service(s).

For anyone who might feel a little skeptical about using Sources for Students, LLC, DON”T.  Give them a TRY!  It is certainly worth it.

Derricka Saunders

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My name is Tina Lawall and I am a recent college graduate. About a year ago I started searching for ways to help my sister, Heather Waters, get guidance for financial aid. Having gone through some extenuating family circumstances my sister was completely on her own for college and had no where to turn for help. After months of searching online and emailing anyone and everyone, I found Paul. At first I was surprised to hear back so soon, since most people I had contacted didn’t even bother to write back. Moreover, those who did respond to my emails wanted thousands of dollars for their expertise. Obviously being in the situation my sister was in, we didn’t have thousands of dollars just lying around or else we wouldn’t have needed help in the first place. Luckily there was Paul, willing to help and only asking for a nominal fee.

Paul helped guide my sister through the financial aid process and was able to get her nearly a full ride through different types of funding, which was no small feat. Over the course of deciding on a school and putting in paperwork for financial aid, the school managed to lose paperwork and forgot to submit it for over 2 months. Paul being as dedicated as he is helped us stay on top of the school and helped get past the mistakes they made. Whenever we needed advice he was there ready and willing to help. I honestly believe without him we wouldn’t have received any funding and Heather would have taken out loans. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is looking for some help through the financial aid process. In fact, I am currently using his expertise for graduate school.

Thanks for everything Paul!


Tina Lawall

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Dear Paul,

Thank you for supporting and sticking by me until we reached our goal.  Paul, you are such a wonderful person how can I say thank you.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to come back to school because the tuition was too expensive.  Through your advice and encouragement, I was able to receive in-state tuition and reduced my cost for college by almost half, for that I am forever grateful.  Several acts you performed were:  creating a letter that explained the status of my relationship with my mother in an attempt to persuade the University to give me in-state tuition.  You also wrote a letter to the President asking him to intervene on my behalf and to consider giving me in-state tuition.  On several occasions, you spoke with the Financial Aid Counselor and discussed my situation and what possible steps could be taken to allow me to receive financial aid.  Ms. Irene Logan had previously rejected me for in-state tuition; however, I had to explain my situation to her face to face in order for her to give me in-state tuition.  I even remember when you called the Admission Office on my behalf just to discuss my situation even though they were not any help; you still went the extra mile to help me receive in-state tuition.  I consider you more than a Financial Aid Counselor, I consider you a good friend. I know that if you went the extra mile to help me then I know you will help someone else receive in-state tuition for college.  THANK YOU!!

Sincerely Yours

[See In-State Approval]              [See Award Document]

To:  Sources for Students,

Sources for Students provided help not only for me, but for my parents too.  When both my parents and I had difficulties in preparing college financial forms, Mr. Rivers made it all clear.  He makes the transition from high school to college less confusing.  Mr. Rivers is also a motivator; he gives you faith in your own abilities by sharing his college experience.  His service doesn’t lack anything if you need the help. He is there to assist you.  He gives 100% of his service. Mr. Rivers is the main source for college finance and getting you the help you need for your future endeavors.  I highly recommend it for families out there who are lost with college finance.

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My name is Laura Eustache and I learned about Sources for Students through a close friend of mine.  After getting in contact with Paul A. Rivers, he provided for my family and I, some great services.  He helped me revise my FAFSA, which enable me to receive the full amount of funding I was qualified for. The total amount of funding granted to me was $7,340.  He called Binghamton’s financial aid office to make sure that my counselor understood my financial situation and that I got exactly what I needed from the school.  Paul gave me advice regarding how to find employment, and whom to speak to about scholarships.  He was always available and I feel that the services and the quality of services provided were well worth the investment.  I recommend that anyone who may be confused about the process, or just simply need advice and help, should contact Paul.  He’ll help you the same way he helped me.

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Dear Paul Rivers,

At first when I heard about your service from a friend I thought it wasn’t a great idea.  I thought it was just some little service that wouldn’t help me much with my college plans.  Boy was I wrong! Not only did the service help me get in the college of my choice but also helped me gain a sufficient amount of financial aid to attend the college of my choice.  At first my college plans were lost and I had no idea where I was going.  Now I can confidently say that I am attending SUNY Oswego this fall.  Through this service I was able to receive financial aid through FAFSA, TAP, etc.  All together I was offered $14,819 in financial assistance.  The service was worth the investment and I definitely would recommend this service to anyone.

Thank you very much,

[See Award Document]

With help from Sources for Students, I was awarded the maximum amount of financial aid. My financial aid consultant not only instructed my family and I how to go about filling out the FAFSA in a way that would be most beneficial to us but also made sure that we knew what we were filling out and that we understood why we were filling it out.  In the college financial aid process there are so many intricacies, which I found rather hard to keep up with.  Sources for Students made the process run smoothly because it has both knowledge and experience with all the intricacies.  My financial aid consultant made sure all my paperwork was filled out correctly and handed in on time, which is important.  He didn’t take no for an answer and was extremely proactive in making sure that I received the most financial aid possible.  With the guidance of Sources for Students, I was able to SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE my financial aid award letter.  After benefiting from its services, I would recommend Sources for Students to any student who is in need of thorough financial aid consulting.  The short-term investment is worth every penny because it will help in the long term by increasing funding, finding employment and/or making recommendations for outside scholarships, grants, loans, etc. that you might not be familiar with.  Sources for Students can open up doors, sometimes more than one could imagine, for eager students seeking financial funding.

Porsche Brooks

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Dear Paul,
I would like to take the time to fully express my gratitude to you. You have been an extraordinary help in mine as well as other student’s completion of the college process. This help includes: filling out applications, going over the admissions process, calling up schools for information, scholarship searches, and by consulting our schools in order to increase financial aid packages. Personally, you have really helped me reduce a loan by calling my school and having them give me another grant. Also you have been a great help with actually understanding behind the admission process as well as my completion of it. It is really great to know that there are people who truly care about the future of teenagers without having a price on their kindness. Thank you very much for all of your time and care.

[ See Award Document]

To whom it May Concern:

When my mother and I first met Mr. Rivers, we were scrambling to find a college for me to attend and time was running out. Mr. Rivers immediately stepped in and helped us with the college applications, FAFSA and other minute concerns. He made us feel assure that everything was being taken care of. Now I currently attending SUNY Delhi College of Technology. At anytime I have a concern, I just call Mr. Rivers and he helps me with anything. Mr. Rivers is a true source for students planning to attend college.

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Dear Sources for Students,

Thank you for all your help in getting me into college. Without your help I would still be wondering how I would pay for college. Sources for Students helped me get over $9,000 in financial aid and help me find a college that would accept me without my high school diploma. Any problems or questions I had were taken care of and I gained an understanding of the college system and how it worked. Thank you.

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To: Paul A. Rivers

My name is Justin Phillips and I found funding for college thanks to Mr. Rivers. I come from a single parent home and my mother could not afford the cost of college. But thanks to Mr. Rivers, I have all the funding ($11,530) I need to attend Tompkins Cortland Community College and my dreams of going to college came true.

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Dear College Bound Students:

College can be an exciting time in your life and well as a time of anxiety. While you are packing for that dorm room your mind can wonder where is all the money coming from.
This is definitely the thing my daughter experienced during her first year. How to fill out the FAFSA applications, hunting down those millions of scholarships programs, and receiving the much needed Grants.

Well thanks to Sources for Students, Financial Aid Consultant, Paul A. Rivers step right in and made the necessary breakthrough needed for my daughter to continue in her higher education. His professional knowledge and information can make a tremendous difference in your sources. Whether it full or partial aid, Mr. Rivers can and will make it happen.Sources Students is highly recommended for college life. If you want the degree, “Sources” is the place to be!

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I Cheryl Williams recommend Sources for Students to every college student and parent regardless of income to evaluate income options. It has significantly helped my daughter and I achieve financial assistance that we otherwise did not know what was available to us.

Many thanks to Mr. Paul A. Rivers

Cheryl Williams
Forever Grateful, Brooklyn, N.Y.

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Dear Mr. Rivers,

I really want to thank you for everything that you did for my family and me. I really appreciate the time that you devoted into making sure that I attend an institution of higher learning. With your help I will be attending Oswego State University in the fall of 2003. You made my dreams of college a reality. I can honestly say that whenever I needed you, you were there to lend your helping hand. You made the rough and tough process of dealing with admission application easy. I am the first person in my family to attend college so I didn’t know the procedure that one must take in order to enroll, however you helped me and became an advocate for my education. I thank you so very much for all that you have done and still are doing. Not too many people will do what you did for me and I thank you for that. You gave of your time unselfishly and you made a way out of no way. You turned small dreams into big realities.

[ See Award Document]

Dear Mr. Rivers:

I just wanted to take the time out to thank you for your assistance during my college process. Your generosity was deeply appreciated. Sources for Students helped me in tremendous ways and eliminated my fears, in which I am very grateful.

I was very fortunate to have a counselor who was willing to lead me through this process. No matter what the situation or problem I always knew that I could depend on Sources for Students to give me the comfort and helpful advice. As a result, of the resources you provided I have had a smooth transition from high school to college.

At the present time I am attending Iona College in New Rochelle, New York as a freshman. This accomplishment would not have been stress free without your expertise in the field of the college admission process.

I now can be a liaison to refer other freshmen to Sources for Students, which enable them to have the same opportunity that I had. I will continue to be in touch and please feel free to call on me as I feel free to continue to keep you updated on my accomplishments.
Once again thank you.

[ See Award Document]

Sources for Students is a great place for students to obtain maximum financial aid. I recommend Sources for Students to all who is trying to obtain financial aid.

[ See Award Document]


To Mr. Paul Rivers,

I am writing this letter to testify to the beautiful work that you have done on my behalf.  Before I testify to the work that you have done, let me lay a backdrop so that people will know what I was up against.

When I registered for school, I was denied financial aid because I had never registered with selective service.  I tried several people in the financial aid department in my school but to no avail.  I took out an EDUCAID Select private loan.  I took out loans for two years. After speaking to Mr. Rivers over the phone I set up an appointment to meet with him.  I gave him some basic information not knowing that he was going to use that information to go to work.

He called me back the same day, confirmed the appointment and told me that he called the school.  He told me to bring a few personal items and said that he would get me federal grants.

After meeting with him, he then got back in touch with the school, selective services and covered every angle possible so nothing was left uncovered.  A few weeks later, I received a letter from selective service stating that I could not be denied federal aid.  After I took the letter to school, they tried their last trick but Mr. Rivers informed me what language to use.  I used it and today I must say that not only am I receiving federal aid but I am receiving state aid as well.

Had it not been for Mr. Rivers, I would still be using private loans for only two classes.   Now I am in school full time and can expect to graduate at an earlier date. Mr. Rivers is truly a man that works hard for his clients.  If  you have any doubts about what I am saying to be true, you can contact me at 646-256-7893.

Respectfully Yours

Mr. Shawn W. Ashe

[See Award Document]  [See Award Document]

Dear Paul Rivers,

My name is Danisha Parsons and I am a 26 years old single mother.  I’ve always wanted to go back to school but I didn’t know where to start.  I am just writing this letter to say thank you for all of your help, you have showed me the way.  I’ve received $4,050.00 dollars in Pell and $2,950.00 in TAP grants.  The grants were a big help to me. I’ve even received $400.00 for my books which can be expensive.  Now, I am in school and I am doing fine.  Once again I would like to say thank you Paul for helping me get back on the road to my future goals of being successful.


[See Award Document]

Dear Mr. Rivers

I am please to inform you that because of your guidance and expertise in your field, my financial aid award package is $14,114 for the Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 terms.

I will be able to attend New York University due to your diligence. The award even exceeded my expectations. Thank you, for your efforts that made my enrollment possible.

[ See Award Document]

Dear Mr. Rivers,

I personally want to thank you for all the help you’ve given me, in pursuit for a college degree. After applying, Sources for Students prepared my financial aid documents, so my tuition for the school year was waiting for me before I enrolled in the college of my choice. Mr. Rivers was dependable, friendly, trustworthy and responsible for me receiving the maximum of government funds. I now receive a yearly award of $ 8,850 for the fall 2003 and the Spring 2004 semesters.

[ See Award Document]

Paul Rivers’ pleasant personality, abundant knowledge, along with his strong sense of commitment, has made my returned to college exciting. The stress of going back to college after 10 years is relieved by having access to so many informational books and tapes. I would recommend “ Sources for Students” to everyone returning to school!

Dear Paul Rivers,

Thank you for your guidance and support. Without your services, completing my graduate program would have been impossible.

Applying to graduate school was a big decision, but after receiving my acceptance letter from New York University, I realized that the true challenge would be paying for the program. Your approach of viewing education as a business decision, prepared me for the task of finding the adequate resources. In doing this, I was able to secure a number of grants and scholarships. This is something that I believed was impossible, but you empowered me to succeed.

Your insight and commitment to assist students is extremely valuable. Your level of service is one that is no longer found in enterprise. All students seeking a better understanding of the arduous financial aid process should utilize your services.

I will continue to inform all of my colleagues and clients of your services.
Best wishes,

[ See Award Document]

Dear Mr. Rivers:
First let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart, as had it not been for you I would not have gotten the proper guidance I needed to enroll in college.
I still think of our first meeting. I was getting copies of flyers and so were you. We started to talk about business. I was attempting to promote my business to you and in turn you shared with me valuable information about the services you provide. At first I was apprehensive. I, however, shared this information with my mother, because my younger brother was looking to attend college in a few months. I believed I did not need your services at the time, but that was proven not to be the case. Even though I recommended your services to a few family members and friends, I was the one who needed you most.

It seems like yesterday when we walked into your office ten months ago explaining to you that I would like to go back to school and what my ultimate goal was. You listened attentively and then shared with me your own experience and we both went on to do extensive research on the schools that would offer me what I needed, Culinary Arts. You did not stop there. You made sure that all paperwork for my financial aid was taken care of. Looking back, I feel your interest; your willingness to help was that of a big brother. I feel you saw me, not as a client or number, but a young brother to whom you were imparting wisdom and knowledge. When I returned to you for further guidance you continued the role of mentor. This relationship has led to the achievement of a scholarship and further recognition from the faculty as a promising student.
Mr. Rivers, I would be only too happy to recommend you highly to anyone who requires your expertise. When I say thank you, it is not only from me but also from my family and friends who you have helped.
I look forward to meeting with you again,
Yours sincerely,
Alwyn Cargill

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