Scholarship Fund

Sources for Students Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization established for the purposed of helping educationally and economically underprivileged young people out of poverty by offering educational workshops combined with motivational counseling services. We have a National Scholarship where students can get funds to help pay for college expenses.

Financial Aid Planning

Our financial aid strategist will help you maximize your financial aid opportunities by guiding you through the complicated financial aid process.  Students and/or their parents are counseled on an individual basis.

Tax Planning

Welcome to our online tax preparation and college tax planning strategies. Since 1999, we have helped families complete their returns and had success in getting them NEED BASED financial aid, for a nominal fee.


First-Generation and Middle-Class families with college-bound students are losing out on millions of FREE college dollars and going broke with the rising cost of college today. THE BLEEDING MUST STOP!