HU$TLE! The One Move


The truth is YOU CAN…by making the right move.  Read more to discover how.

Dear Middle Class Parent,

When it comes to getting free federal grant money for college, the middle class like you are forgotten or cut out.

If you are a parent earning $50,000 per year or more, your college–bound student will not qualify for free federal grant money.

The Department Of Education Is Not Middle Class Friendly

There are over 100 rules and 70 factors that are stacked up against you.  These rules and factors prevent you from qualifying for free federal grant money or the foundation of all financial aid…the Federal Pell Grant

Many middle class parents like you are stuck trying to figure out how to defray the cost of college in this complicated regulated system.

The government only allows you to take out loans and you wind up spending your life savings.

   The Pell Grant 

The foundation to all financial aid is called the Federal Pell Grant.  When you qualify for the Federal Pell Grant you qualify for all federal grants and federal programs.

Qualifying for the Federal Pell Grant opens up other opportunities YOU don’t have to pay back like work-study, state grants and other free resources

The Real Problem

The Department Of Education or the FAFSA, determines your free federal grant money eligibility from your adjusted gross income presented on your taxes.

You as a middle class parent are not aware that your $50,000 or more income can be adjusted to a lower number which would allow you to qualify for the free federal grant money.

To adjust your income to a lower number to qualify for the federal Pell Grant only requires you to make ONE MOVE.

You can discover that secret One Move by listening to the home-study program: 

                                                                                                                                                                HU$TLE!  THE ONE MOVE

The Move Middle Class Families With

 College-Bound Students Must Make To Get

 Free Grant Money

Hustle – The One Move


This home-study program reveals the secret to getting free federal grant money despite having incomes exceeding $50,000 per year.

It’s a 60-minute (short and to the point) 4 audio CD’s and1 Data CD Quick Guide program that provides the tools to get you free federal grants without any hassle.  This program is for:

  Parents who don’t want to sacrifice their life’s savings to cover college costs

  Parents that want to eliminate the guilt for not having the resources to pay college costs for their college-bound student

Parents who want additional free resources and options you would not normally qualify for

Parents who want a simple and logical way to radically change their situation to defray college costs

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 S0…How Much It Cost

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Our Money Back Guarantee

If you are not able to use this program to help finance your college-bound student education, we will return your money back.  GURANTEE. No questions asked.

What To Do Next…

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I will talk to you soon,

Paul Anthony Rivers
Financial Aid Strategist

P.S. One more thing…the whole purpose of this investment is for you to defray some of your college costs.  The ultimate goal is to save you time and money. Listen to this CD set while you are driving.  Trust me, this is well worth the investment.