Posted on 26-03-2017
Filed Under (News) by Paul Anthony Rivers

For over twenty years I have worked with parents from all backgrounds dealing with the financial aid process.  The most troubling parent I have experienced is the first-generation parent with the college-bound student.  They are not knowledgeable about the financial aid game and they don’t know who trust to give them the proper guidance.  They are not comfortable in investing in information or professionals to help them succeed financially.  They are very tentative.  You can’t blame them.  Unfortunately, they try to do it on their own which cost them a lot of money at the end (a bunch of loans).  Here is my advice for first-generation parents with college-bound students seeking free resources to pay for college.  SEEK HELP FIRST!  But make sure you are getting the right information to use based on your unique circumstances.  Hire a professional.  Make sure you do your homework and check their background before committing to their service.  Get the help.  It’s a must.

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