Posted on 21-10-2017
Filed Under (News) by Paul Anthony Rivers

One of the critical situations in dealing with first-generation parents with college-bound students in planning for financial aid to pay for college, is TRUST.  So many of these parents are skeptical about getting professional help from a Financial aid Consultant or independent contractors because they lack trust.  In many cases they complete the financial aid process themselves and lose out on thousands of free college dollars when they really NEED professional help.  One of ways of finding a Financial Aid Consultant that you can trust is doing a background check.  Check their credentials, years in service,  guarantees and testimonials.  Have conversations with them about your situation and feel them out to see if they can help you.  Eventually you are going have to decide if you are going to hire an experience professional to get you the funds you need.  Remember, you have to trust someone to get the job done. TRUST IS A MUST.

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