Posted on 23-09-2012
Filed Under (News) by Paul Anthony Rivers

Students today are coming out of college with enormous amount of loans.  The game is over!  Because they never had a game plan entering college.  It is ironic that we live in a country where there are abundance of free resources to pay for college no matter  your income and families continue to make the same mistake.  It balls down to a lack of planning.  You see, when you plan you seek out the information in terms of free resources that applies to your situation.  When you plan, you are not in a rush to attend a college that are not willing to give you free resources.  When you plan,  you get the help that are willing to help you achieve your financial goal.  When you plan, you don’t wait the last minute and expect MAXIMUM results in 60 seconds when it requires at least six months.  You Must Plan.  Colleges and Universities are not going any place soon.  They are waiting for the lack of planners because they can get them to take out loans…the last minute.

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