Posted on 24-02-2018
Filed Under (News) by Paul Anthony Rivers

Have skin in the game, is a phrase coin by financial wizard Warren Buffet.  Which means to be involve in achieving your goal.  Most college-bound students are not involved in the financial aid process in terms of getting free money.  They relied heavily on their parents  to foot the bill.  I don’t believe in that philosophy.  I  believe a student should participate in the money getting process by looking for private scholarships, on campus scholarships, working a job on and off campus, using their skills and talents to attract money to them.  Parents should encourage their children as early as middle school.  I graduated from college without my parents contributing financially.  I instilled the same philosophy to my children.  My oldest daughter graduated from college without my wife and I contributing financially.  My youngest daughter is graduating from high school this year and she is prepared to do the same.  Remember,  getting a college education is for the student. It is their degree.  So they should Have Skin In The Game!

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