Posted on 26-12-2015
Filed Under (News) by Paul Anthony Rivers

The financial aid system creates unnecessary pressure on parents to pay college expenses for their college-bound student.  I truly believe that the burden should not be placed on the parents.  It should be on the student seeking a college education.  Here is why I beleive the student should embrace the responsibilty.  Firstly, a college education is not an investment.  It’s an individual (student) accomplishment.  A parent spending money toward a college education can not determine what their expected return would be. Parents cannot expect any monenary gain or reward. There goal is to build wealth and pass it down.  I aquired a college education and neither of my parents made a financial contribution.  It is the student’s dream.  A dream the student would have make a reality.

Secondly,  there are more financial opportunities today in the history of the financial aid process.  It would not be smart for a first-generation parent to try to finance a college expenses without having any financial resources or a middle-class parent to use there savings or retirement.  As  middle-class parents we will not assist in financiang our children’s college education.  If they want to achieve a college education, we will provide all the necessary information to guide them and give them emotional support.  You see, our goal is to pass down wealth we accumulated (to the next generation.) A college education, they will have to get on their own.  Period.  College-bound students need to HUSTLE! and make their dreams come true.

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