Posted on 29-11-2015
Filed Under (News) by Paul Anthony Rivers

There are BILLIONS of traditional college funds available (about $300 billion dollars according to Octamoron Associates) each year for college-bound students.  Seriously.  I am talking about monies you don’t have to pay back.  Check out these numbers.  There are about 400 million people in the United States.  It only requires a half of billion (500 million dollars)  out of the 300 billion dollars to pay everyone that is a citizen and eligible non-citizen full tuition for four years.  Please note that everyone would get a million dollars (if the millions of dollars were distributed equally.)  There’s more than enough money.  Also, about 22 million students apply and use  financial aid each year.  Much less than 400 million living in the U.S.  So there is plenty of money to be had if you are knowledgable about the financial aid game.  The colleges are aware of these numbers that is why the cost of college continue to rise.  If the colleges were charging a million dollars to each student to enroll, based on what is available in college funding today, it wouldn’t scratch the surface.  There’s plenty of money available.  Hustle and get that money.

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