Posted on 09-04-2017
Filed Under (News) by Paul Anthony Rivers

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State legislative leaders made a deal that created free tuition at the City University Of New York and the State University Of New York-for both community colleges and four-year colleges and universities-for families with annual incomes up to $125,000.  Middle-class families with college-bound students can now attend college without going broke.

This deal gives 94,000 families in New York State an opportunity for free public college tuition.  However, there is a catch.  Those that receive free tuition and graduates from college must live and work in New York State for the same amount of years it took to get the degree.  For example, if it takes you 4 years to get a degree, you must work and live in New York State for 4 years.  If you decide to live and work outside of New York State after graduating, you must pay back the tuition cost in loans.

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