Posted on 18-11-2015
Filed Under (News) by Paul Anthony Rivers

Parents with college-bound students better start looking at colleges in a different frame of mind.  This will help them to focus their energy on GETTING MONIES they don’t have to back to cover tuition costs.  Check this out, this is a description of what a business is in the U.S.:

  • Businesses are organizations with a infrastructure (colleges and universities are too)
  • Businesses are involved with trade of goods and services (education and training) to consumers (students)
  • Businesses have revenue streams (cost of attendance) and expenditures (administration, professors and maintenance of the campus)
  • Businesses have income goals ( colleges have to make money to continue their existence)
  • Businesses are profit (private colleges) or non-profit (state colleges)

Don’t focus your attention on what college costs today.  You have no control of that. They are doing their business. Focus on the BILLIONS of dollars available to you to pay for it.  Take care of your business.  Let’s go and HUSTLE!

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