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WARNING!  First generation and middle class families with college bound students, NEED to be AWARE of the financial crises they are going to face, in the college process TODAY.

Dear Parent,

I don’t want to shock you but if you are not financial aid savvy to navigate through a complicated regulated system, YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS:

Today’s college bound students are graduating with loans up to $200,000. Why?  Because their parents were not EXPOSED to the right information and the simple steps to get FREE MONEY.

Students are returning home after graduation as slaves with huge amounts of debt.  Parents are taking on some of the debt and are bearing this FINANCIAL BURDENYOU don’t want to be the next parent in this situation when you have an opportunity to prevent that from happening to YOU.


Despite the increasing tuition costs every year; the stock market bubble in the 1980’s; the dot.com bubble in 2000; the real estate bubble in 2008; and the recession since the 1980’s, Sources For Students, LLC the number one online college financial aid planning company in the nation, has helped thousands of students and their parents like YOU obtained MILLIONS of FREE college dollars, FOR OVER 20 YEARS.  (check testimonials)

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